Sunday, March 14, 2010

Czeslaw Milosz: "Learning"

To believe you are magnificent.  And gradually to discover that you are not magnificent.  Enough labor for one human life.

This is one of the pieces (in its entirety) from Road-side Dog (1998) by Czeslaw Milosz.  When I come upon something as full of wisdom as this, I think:  "I wish that I had read this 20 (or 30 or 40) years ago."  But, there is always the necessary follow-up question:  would reading it then have changed anything?


An Anxious Anglican said...

I wish that I had discovered Milosz 20 (or 30 or 40) years ago! Thank you for quote and for the wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

you will understand it even better in another 20 years from now.

Stephen Pentz said...

An Anxious Anglican and nAncY: Thank you for visiting the blog, and for being kind enough to leave comments. nAncY: at my age, I can only hope to be around "another 20 years from now!" But, however long I have, the "labor" that Milosz speaks of will never cease.