Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Humble Thank You

I have been in transit the past day or so, so I only just noticed the extremely kind remarks about this blog posted by Patrick Kurp of Anecdotal Evidence (which were in turn prompted by the extremely kind remarks about the blog made to him by Michael Gilleland of Laudator Temporis Acti).   I offer my humble (and inadequate) thanks to both of these gentlemen.

I addition to my thanks, I can only give credit where credit is due:  I would not have embarked upon this blog if it were not for Patrick and Mike.  I belatedly discovered their blogs last year, and both of them were a revelation to me:  "Wow, there are people out there who have read - and love - some of the same things that I do!"  And, after the first shock of delight at shared enthusiasms, there was the even greater delight of being introduced to new ideas, new writers, and new works in an intelligent, erudite, and passionate fashion by two generous gentleman who wish to share their loves with the rest of us.

Mike and Patrick inspire me because they embody the best of what this Internet world can offer us: the ability to fashion a community (oops: the word "community" makes me a bit queasy, but I'll let it stand this time) of people who appreciate - and who hope to preserve and share - the best that our civilized world has to offer.  (O.K., I will get off my high horse now.) 

In closing, I once again offer my humble thanks to Mr. Kurp and Mr. Gilleland.  I also offer my thanks (and my welcome) to those of you who are kind enough to visit me now and then.    

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