Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To Edward Thomas

I begin this blog by expressing my appreciation to Edward Thomas for his poem "First Known When Lost." His name will come up quite often here, so I will not attempt to delve into my admiration for him and his work at this time.

But perhaps this will give you some idea of how people who knew him felt about him:

To E. T.: 1917

You sleep too well - too far away,
For sorrowing word to soothe or wound;
Your very quiet seems to say
How longed-for a peace you have found.

Else, had not death so lured you on,
You would have grieved - 'twixt joy and fear -
To know how my small loving son
Had wept for you, my dear.

This poem is by Walter de la Mare. It first appeared in de la Mare's Motley and Other Poems in 1918. The poem speaks for itself. I will only note that the grief expressed in the poem is combined with a sensitive (and affectionate) perception of Thomas's character.

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